Dealerships and Marketing

Sorry to break the news to you. But if your dealership isn’t taking advantage of Digital Marketing, you’re missing out on literally thousands of leads and car sales. Chances are, your competitors are picking up these sales you couldn’t even capture. Simply because these consumers don’t even know you exist…

Gone are the days of consumers wanting to purchase a vehicle and simply driving to their nearest dealership to shop around for offers. Instead, they simply open the internet and search ‘car dealerships near me’, proceeding to browse offers and car ranges online.

Google recently conducted a nation-wide study in Australia and the results were surprising, to say the least. 80% of all car buyers (new and used) turned to the internet in order to find their closest dealership. The study also revealed that the average time it takes for a consumer to go from browsing online, to purchasing a car was 3 months!

During these 3 months, the consumer experiences 5 crucial moments in their buying cycle:

1. Which car is the best?

  • For their demographic (Family, Single, Tradies)

2. Is it right for me?

  • Suitable for their needs (Efficient, Powerful, Large)

3. Can I afford one?

  • How can they afford one (Finance, Lease)

4. Where should I buy one?

  • Which dealership is closest to them

  • Which dealership is friendly and helpful

5. Am I getting a good deal?

  • Is this a standard price? Or an offer?

What Google’s study has uncovered is an opportunity to help the consumer at earlier stages of their buying journey. The advantage of this is to establish your dealership as one that wants to help them by finding them the perfect car, as well as a great deal.

Now in order to get the consumer to think of your dealership at each of these ‘moments’ requires a lot of work and a marketing team that knows exactly what they’re doing.

Our role is to help car dealerships develop an effective digital marketing strategy as well as implement one, so you can leave your competitors in the rearview mirror.

What we do, is create this strategy by working closely with your dealership to find out your goals and objectives and then we manage your digital marketing campaigns, such as Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Email Marketing.